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The New Alexa Devices
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The Updated Version of Alexa (and more devices!)

Yesterday, Amazon hosted an event launching their six new Alexa enabled devices. Google hosted an event recently, and we've written a write-up on that which…
The iPhone X

The iPhone X (A big update which we’ve made simple)

What's the iPhone X? Apple recently unveiled their 10th-anniversary device named 'iPhone X'. This device is a sort of futuristic device, we'll explain that later.…
Snapchat on Samsung Phone

The New Snapchat update

The new Snapchat update has been controversial. It has appeared in the news a lot as many people don't like the change of the app.…
AUKEY Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger
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One of the best powerbanks?
The Google Event
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The Google Event
Tunnelbear VPN
Protect your security with a service before it is too late
Fitbit Ionic
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The All New Fitbit Ionic (The new tech device)
Icefox Action Camera
Icefox Budget Action Camera Tech Review